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LibreOffice Cambridge Hackfest

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The first ever UK LibreOffice Hackfest took place in the city of Cambridge on May 21st to 23rd (Thursday → Saturday), kindly hosted by Collabora.

My starter idea was to fix tdf#90315, i.e. to support both nested tables and multiple columns with the proper spacing in between them in the RTF import. For comparison, here is how this looked in LibreOffice 3.4:

The table borders looked OK due to correct column spacing, but the nested table is missing. Then here is the LibreOffice 4.4 state:

Nested table is OK, but the table borders are strange due to incorrect column spacing. Finally here is how it looks like now, when the import result is correct:

Other than this, here is a list of other topics I hacked on:

After fixing two more less interesting regressions, now it seems we’re down to 0 for the regressions having RTF in their summary, which is promising. :-)

I few pictures I took while punting and a panorama is available, too.

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