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asciidoc and tex math expressions

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So today I had a test at the uni with a lot of formula and given that it was boring to learn, I created a cheat sheet using asciidoc. The fun part is that the just released asciidoc 8.3 not only supports inline tex expressions but (using -a latexmath) supports rendering most of them to html as well.

I bookmarked a few related useful howtos on delicios, and my 14-page-length doc is available here (source, pdf, html).

I also like the new table format. The only buggy thing seems that I always have to scale images down, 100% results in a size about 200% somehow. Ah and the url escaping stuff I just reported, but that's not a problem here.

I hit it while building Git v1.6.1-rc1, released today. The toplist of that is interesting:

$ git shortlog -s -n v1.6.0..v1.6.1-rc1|head
   351  Junio C Hamano
    61  Alexander Gavrilov
    54  Shawn O. Pearce
    48  Miklos Vajna
    43  Jeff King
    38  Brandon Casey
    29  Nanako Shiraishi
    28  Nicolas Pitre
    25  Alex Riesen
    24  Petr Baudis

Heh, heh.

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