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Benchmarking darcs-fast-export

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OK, so I got this idea in the darcs-user mailing list that it would be nice to do some benchmarks on how fast and correct darcs-fast-export is. Actually I already have a TODO item about an idea that would make it faster, but doing a benchmark before doing the speedup is required in that case as well, so that I can show "hey, this is cool, it results in foo% speedup!11". ;-)

And if I'm already there, I plan to do it with tailor as well, I'm just curious about how fast it is. Ideally fast-import is much faster, but I guess the current darcs exporter does not make use of it, so I expect something like 1:1 for now.

The test repo is darcs' darcs, current status with darcs-fast-export is like:

progress [2008-11-25 16:02:28] getting list of patches
progress [2008-11-26 00:53:25] 4000/6548 patches

Yeah, darcs apply is slow.

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