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Posted Saturday, 29 April 2006 by Miklos
Tags: en hacking

i've just set up bogofilter with mutt, it was sooo easy! :)

first you should collect some spam and ham (non-spam) to separate (Maildir) folders

then bogofilter -s -B ~/Maildir/spam/, bogofilter -n -B ~/Maildir/ham. the basic learning is done

to your procmailrc: :0fw | /usr/bin/bogofilter -uep :0: * ^X-Bogosity: Spam .Spam/

finally i've added a macro to my muttrc to be able to simply tell bogofilter it missed something (haven't noticed a spam): macro index S "bogofilter -Ns" (you can add a similar macro for "bogofilter -Sn" - "hey, this is not a spam" - if you want)

that's all :)