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bitlbee-skype is now merged

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Back in April I had the idea to merge my bitlbee-skype plugin to the main BitlBee project. The reason is simple: BitlBee does not really have plugins (basically my Skype plugin was the only one) and because of this, ABI compatibility was not guaranteed, so I usually had to rebuild or even fix it after each BitlBee release (though Wilmer was helpful in case I was in doubt). Today this is all past, the plugin is part of the main BitlBee repo I won’t make separate bitlbee-skype releases anymore. (Latest version of the code is here, bzr info here.)

I’m quite happy this little piece of software did not get lost, but now is in the hands of an active maintainer again. :) If you need help with BitlBee, ask on #bitlbee, at

bitlbee-skype now supports groups

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I released bitlbee-skype 0.9.0 today. The last feature that triggered the relase born in git during the last two days: now it reads and writes Skype group info. This means if you have a Skype group "work", then you can just /j &work to see work contacts only, and /invite also works in that channel as expected.

More in the BitlBee wiki and in the NEWS file.

BitlBee-Skype 0.8.4

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I just released 0.8.4. The happy thing about it is that basically the only fix I added to this release is to make it work when python is python3k (so we need to use python2.7 to get python2 support), but the rest is just merge from:

  • email

  • github

  • Debian

Now the total number of contributors increased to 7. :)

BitlBee 3.0

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Even if I gave it a quick testing about two weeks ago, now I tried the new Twitter / support and I like it a lot. Now messages are not coming from a single user by default, but a separate channel is created, nicks are appearing there, and I can just highlight people to reply to their last tweet or simply type to submit a new one.

And of course my Skype module still works, as Wilmer fixed it up. :)

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