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fun on the gsoc list

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The GSoC student list is not public, and to be honest, usually it's boring. In most cases you just want to read the mails matching ^From:.*, and just delete the remaining junk. However, there was a funny thread there, about how others deal with the usual problem: if you want to describe others (read: who is not a geek) what do you do (hack PaX, rewrite git-merge, etc.) you probably need a half an hour. Or maybe it's better not describing your job at all. Let's see some funny quotes:

The "I gave up" one:

After the first 10 fails, I decided to say the following as fast as I can: Me: "I am doing "something" and Google is paying me to do it. I don't know why they are, but I assume its' because they aren't evil and stuff. End of story". Other: Oh. (Coding resumes)

BTW, the guy adds vim support to anjuta. :)

If you have nice friends, you'll get:

People who don't understand usually state as much, followed by, "...but if Google is paying you, that's pretty neat."

The "involved" one:

Unfortunately, I end up rambling for twenty-plus minutes and they are sorry they ever asked...

The "practical" one:

In my case, everyone in my university thinks it is an intern program so they ask me when I am going to travel. I have memorized the response.

The "religious":

I spent about twenty minutes explaining to a reporter from business week the finer points of open source vs free software.

And the typo kign:

> thanks very much gays ...... > GUYS .... really, I was miss typed ... now, again. Thanks very much GUYS

(I hope this post does not count as a leak, though. :P)

git podcast

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in this mailing list post, the recent gsoc podcast is linked, which is actually about git. two times my project is explained as well, about 11m14s and about 26m09s.

it's usually hard to describe to people what i'm doing in my project, maybe this'll help a bit? :)

being accepted in gsoc 2k8

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ok, this is now official, i got paid for working on the C rewrite of git-merge during the summer ;)

just for fun, i collected some other projects with Hungarian students: samba, e17, freebsd, genmapp, xorg, drupal.

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