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fun on the gsoc list

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The GSoC student list is not public, and to be honest, usually it's boring. In most cases you just want to read the mails matching ^From:.*, and just delete the remaining junk. However, there was a funny thread there, about how others deal with the usual problem: if you want to describe others (read: who is not a geek) what do you do (hack PaX, rewrite git-merge, etc.) you probably need a half an hour. Or maybe it's better not describing your job at all. Let's see some funny quotes:

The "I gave up" one:

After the first 10 fails, I decided to say the following as fast as I can: Me: "I am doing "something" and Google is paying me to do it. I don't know why they are, but I assume its' because they aren't evil and stuff. End of story". Other: Oh. (Coding resumes)

BTW, the guy adds vim support to anjuta. :)

If you have nice friends, you'll get:

People who don't understand usually state as much, followed by, "...but if Google is paying you, that's pretty neat."

The "involved" one:

Unfortunately, I end up rambling for twenty-plus minutes and they are sorry they ever asked...

The "practical" one:

In my case, everyone in my university thinks it is an intern program so they ask me when I am going to travel. I have memorized the response.

The "religious":

I spent about twenty minutes explaining to a reporter from business week the finer points of open source vs free software.

And the typo kign:

> thanks very much gays ...... > GUYS .... really, I was miss typed ... now, again. Thanks very much GUYS

(I hope this post does not count as a leak, though. :P)

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