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Erlang sudo solver

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First, sorry I'm not yet publishing any code. It's about there is a race at the uni where the fastest implementation wins, so I don't want to share anything before that ends. It'll end in a month, actually. ;)

Other than that, it's a generic sudoku solver, it can solve NxN sodukus, not only 9x9 and it handles extra rules. A detailed description is here (gt).

But of course the purpose of this post is to bookmark a few useful page I found while working on my implementation:

The important part of the later links is three lines:

1> fprof:apply(foo, create_file_slow, [junk, 1024]).
2> fprof:profile().
3> fprof:analyse().

That makes profiling Erlang programs really easy, once you get used to the output, which is a bit weird for the first time. :)

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