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First openSUSE contribution

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More than 3 years ago I gave a talk on Frugalware, and part of that was a comparison to various other distributions, including SUSE. My argument against SUSE was its closed development process.

Times change, earlier this year they even renamed their build system to signal its open nature.

I wanted to try it out how open they are so I made an experiment.

First, I created a cpm package in OBS to get familiar with the packaging process a bit. (Note that anyone can just register and use the build system to share their binaries-- sadly we don’t have resources in Frugalware to provide something similar.) Then I happily noticed that their mutt package already contains my favorite sidebar patch, though the edge of the sidebar looked awful. So on Monday I mailed the maintainer of the mutt pkg if he would take a patch, fixing this issue. I got a positive reply today, submitted a patch and in minutes it got accepted.

So it looks like they are really open, which is just cool. :)

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