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frugalware 0.9 on an eee pc 904

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so, one of my friends called me a few days ago, saying 'hi, i got this eee pc, it's shipped with win xp, could you please install frugalware on it, making it dual-bootable?'.

today i got the gadget, i had about 3 hours to play with it, so i did not have much time.

first, there was an installer bug, but fortunately it was trivial to fix it up. second, the internal wifi card is not supported by 2.6.26, so i made a kernel package from 2.6.27-rc6 and made a custom usb installer using that kernel.

once that was ok, the installation went fairly easy. minor problems were that the netinstall by default wants to use ftp but we were behind a proxy, so we needed http. and other problem was that there were two ntfs partitions, the second was empty, i just formatted it as ext3, using it as /, but i did not set the partition type from ntfs to linux and grub refused to install because of my laziness.

i did not want to do a full install but i needed network, so i installed base+network. once that was fine, i installed some other packages/groups: acpi, mc, x11 and kdebase.

so far what i saw working:

  • wireless, that was working in the netinstall as well after the kernel update
  • touchpad
  • xorg, using that 1024x600 custom resolution.
  • acpi reported the correct battery status

unfortunately i had no more time to play with it, so i did not check how suspend, 3d acceleration, ethernet card and webcam works.

in short, i think it's nice it has no major problems, but probably it's hard for non-developers to install it as long as we don't have kernel-2.6.27 in current.

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