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Frugalware 1.0 tagged, last FSAs for 0.9

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Yesterday I tagged Frugalware 1.0, which means that no new bugfixes or features will hit the tree till release. And the next task is to install 0.9 and write an upgrade howto... (What a boring task, but users really like it.)

OTOH, I just released the last FSAs for 0.9, probably we'll announce its EOL a few days after 1.0 is out.

And my git test_cmp patches are in. :) (After sending no patches for 2 months.)

BTW, I did a simple check to see what are the results for my real name (ie Hungarian order, accents) on the first page @ Google.

From the 10 results there are 6 Frugalware related ones, 3 for work, and one is unrelated (though the page lists papers of one of my relatives).

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