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Samsung Galaxy S

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As this post already suggested, about a week ago I replaced my S40 with $title. (Yes, I know that S II is just released, but that pushed down the price of S a bit, and I don’t want to waste so much money for a phone.)

So far I’m quite pleased about the product, here are the tools I used to migrate data:

  • gammu, to convert the calendar to ics, which can be imported by the calendar

  • gammu2gcontacts to extract contacts from the gammu backup (earlier post)

  • mgmaps can export to kml, which can be imported to my maps

  • finally a throw-away (use once, and never look back) script to generate emails from my notes, which can be imported by gnotes

The hardware is supported by CyanogenMod, but I did not experiment with that so far. (bookmark)

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