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git-svn howto

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i think using git-svn is really easy, once you figured out how to use it. so here is how i use it. no, i'm not a git-svn expert, just a user. and the way i use it - i think it's easy. so here is our situation:

1) foo project uses svn for managing their code 2) you wish they would use git

how to do both:

1) get the full svn repo:

$ git svn clone --prefix=origin/ url

yes, in my situation this project does not use the trunk/tags/branches structure, see the git-svn manpage if the project you clone does (s/clone/clone -s/ should do the trick)

the --prefix parameter is needed so that you'll see the svn branches as if they were normal git remote branches

2) your local repo is a git repo, so you can do whatever you want, commit, revert, bisect, etc

3) instead of git pull, you need

$ git svn rebase

this does the same as git fetch + git rebase (since you can't merge because of svn)

4) instead of git push, you need

$ git svn dcommit

and we're ready. 3 and not more command, right? :)

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