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gitte on tailor

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Today evening gitte collected a summary of his tailor problems, which I would call a nice collection.

He says:

01:31 < gitte> vmiklos: tailor was limited in many ways.
01:31 < gitte> vmiklos: one, basically branch per branch.
01:32 < gitte> vmiklos: two, it was written in Python
01:33 < gitte> vmiklos: three, it did not define a language, but a
                     class interface
01:33 < gitte> vmiklos: four, it made assumptions about the internal
                     organization of SCMs
01:33 < gitte> vmiklos: five, it is maintained in a darcs repository,
                     which tailor cannot even convert to Git.
01:35 < gitte> vmiklos: oh, and it did not help that the configuration
                     is awkward and badly documented, not to mention
                     inconsistent with regard to the types of input/output

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