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Globalsat BT-338X GPS

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Yesterday I bought a cheap GPS data logger / receiver, and given that the attached install CD did not support Linux, I'm collecting some hopefully useful links here.

Putting everything together, to get the log from the device using bluetooth I first had to create an rfcomm interface, as gpsbabel does not support bluetooth natively:

# rfcomm bind 0 00:0D:B5:38:BA:C6

Then to download and erase the log from the device:

$ gpsbabel -i dg-100,erase=1 -f /dev/rfcomm0 -o gpx \
        -F $(date +%Y-%m-%d).gpx

The gpx format is fine in case you want to later reuse log with digikam's gpssync plugin (available from kipi-plugins).

Now in case you want to convert it to kml to show on Google Maps:

$ gpsbabel -i gpx -f $(date +%Y-%m-%d).gpx -o kml -F $(date +%Y-%m-%d).kml

Finally release the rfcomm interface in case you don't need it anymore:

# rfcomm release 0

Update: there is also a gui which can be used to enable logging of altitude info, etc - just trivial patching is needed and it works with BT-338X as well.

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