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Google account migration

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The whole story starts here. The whole conflict is about I had a google account with my domain already, but now the google apps account took it over and they asked me to rename the old account to something else.

I joined the early adopter program and I was happy about it, finally I could access Picasa with my google apps account, though I could not make it to or something. But at least I could use it.

Why I’m writing is that now they changed something regarding google groups as well, since I just noticed I can no longer post to the invite-only lists hosted on google groups where I use my personal address… It turns out the trick is to get the old (renamed) address unsubscribed and get the new one subscribed.

I’m not really claiming, since the new state is much more clear, but this unsubscribe + subscribe dance is rather uncomfortable…

Oh, and a related doc link in case you want to use gtalk on your domain as well (for now I decided not to use it).

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