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Google earth bug

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So we got a bugreport - it seems the solution is just about getting rid of the bundled libcrypto, as it's incopatible with the not-bundled libssl.

Ported erlang and postfix to ppc, the later because I wanted to use git-send-email, and I like to config postfix once, then point all the apps at postfix and then I have to change my pass only at once place when I do so.

I got an i586 machine yesterday with the "please install Linux on it for me" slogan. Sadly we at Frugalware do not support i586. First I wanted to install Slackware, but it turned out that the machine does not read DVDs and I did not wanted to download all the CDs of Slack and it turns out that Slack has no netinstall I ended up installing Fedora. Well, I tried to. The HDD is only 1.2G, and they wanted X on it, so disabled almost everything, except X and blackbox. ;)

But honestly it just does not worth the time, people should just bin such a machine and get a life. :P

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