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googlecl and geeqie

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I recently tested two new Frugalware packages.

googlecl is a commandline utility, I wanted to try it out as it has browser-based authentication, which is supposed to be compatible with Google Apps, while the API-based method used by picu is not. To make it short, in case you are in a directory containing photos for an album and you just want to upload all of them to an album named after the directory name, you need:

google picasa create --title $(basename $(pwd)) *.jpg

The other package I recently tested is geeqie, it's a replacement (see history here) for gqview I usually use to watch a lot of photos in a directory. And yes, they seem not to break any of the nice feature of the old gqview project, good work! ;)

Update: there is a patch to add sync support, it's usage:

google picasa post --title $(basename $(pwd)) --sync *.jpg

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