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Having fun with boost 1.37.0

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So we decided to upgrade from 1.35.0 to 1.37.0 in Frugalware-current. As usual, there is a WIP repo since this won't be finished in one day. Most of the trivial rebuilds are done, but still need to fix up miro, pdfedit and bmpx. Ah and I needed to upgrade libtorrent as well which resulted some problem in btg and qtorrent, though both have some support for the new 0.14.x libtorrent in SVN so most of the work was just to backport those patches.

A user on #frugalware asks when will we have python-2.6. Not before boost-1.37, I'm sure.

Side note: It seems I managed not to waste the whole day just because I met and old friend (and drinking beer). It turns out that if I drink 2 beers and sleep 2 hours then I can code without the usual "go to bed early, sleep a lot, then you can work" procedure.

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