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incremental bzr -> git conversion

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i recently had problems with bzr -> git conversion using tailor and now Lele pulled my patches so here is a mini-howto about how i did the conversion.

i did all this in a ~/scm/tailor/bitlbee dir (to convert the bitlbee bzr repo), but of course you can do it somewhere else, too.

create the dir and place there the tailor config. mine is like:

$ cat bitlbee.conf [DEFAULT] verbose = True [bitlbee] target = git:target start-revision = INITIAL root-directory = /home/vmiklos/scm/tailor/bitlbee state-file = bitlbee.state source = bzr:source subdir = bitlbee.git [bzr:source] repository = /home/vmiklos/scm/tailor/bitlbee/bitlbee.bzr [git:target] repository = /home/vmiklos/scm/tailor/bitlbee/bitlbee.git

and here is the update script: $ cat #!/bin/sh -e cd dirname $0 cd bitlbee.bzr bzr pull cd .. tailor -c bitlbee.conf

to update the import daily i added the followings to my crontab:

40 4 * * * ~/scm/tailor/bitlbee/ &>/dev/null

and we're ready, you'll have a daily updated git import.

one minor note: the bitlbee.git dir is a non-bare repo and it's also a bzr repo which is not a problem (you can clone it and gitweb handles it) but if you plan to switch to git later, you probably want to clone it once get rid of that junk :)

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