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KDE3 apps I use

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Given that a lot of KDE3 apps are not just ported to KDE4 but replacement projects have been created, the upgrade is not trivial. I always declare myself as somebody who is a minimal KDE user saying I mostly just use konsole, but that's not really correct. From time to time I use the following apps as well:

  • kmix (systray icon)
  • klaptop (systray icon)
  • kxkb (systray icon)
  • krdc
  • kaudiocreator
  • k3b
  • ksnapshot
  • kpdf
  • konqueror (for GUI mounting of USB sticks, when I don't use pmount)

And that really doesn't belong to here, but I still use gtk-based apps for browsing and picture viewing (firefox and gqview).

I hope this post will be able to serve as a good personal checklist when we merge kde4 to current. ;)

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