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LibreOffice / openSUSE Conference 2012 in Berlin / Prague

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I spent the last two weeks on two conferences:

  • LibreOffice Conference in Berlin, where I gave a talk

  • openSUSE conference in Prague, where I just attended.

In general, thanks for the organizers for these fantastic events!

A few fun facts I discovered during the conference:

  • Armin is referred in the source tree as AW due to… well, it’s easy to find out once you heard about OD’s ORW reincarnation. :-)

  • solver stands for "solar version", it does not solve anything (read Michael Stahl’s talk for details)

  • I just discovered this presentation of Thorsten, slide 15 mentions a bug on x86, which is still the case on Android, 6 years later.. (even mentioned in Tor’s talk)

  • "Java? I hope that language dies" (Jan Engelhardt, openSUSE Sparc guy)

  • "Browser: we’re there; Office: with LibreOffice — even if it’s not perfect, we’re getting there. Groupware: we’re weak here" (Georg Greve, Kolab guy)

  • Don’t try to change EUR to CZK in the Prague main station, they have ridiculously bad rates

A few pictures here.

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