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mutt/vim offline address book with multiple sources

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I used to have a hackish setup to trigger address book in the form of code completion from vim, when mutt starts it. I recently migrated the last part of it from python2, so it’s now in a relatively consistent state. On a boring flight trip I finally got around to summarize how it works, perhaps it’s useful to someone else as well. :-)

By multiple sources, I mean Google Contacts for my private account, and LDAP for work-related accounts. I have one script for each to have a local backup:

Then comes mutt/contacts/search, which can read these backups from $HOME/.mutt/contacts/ (you can create symlinks to decide which backup should be included in the search results).

The rest is just a short search.vim that integrates the search script into vim, so when mutt starts it with ft=mail, the search script is invoked when you start typing and you press Ctrl-X Ctrl-O (trigger code completion).

And that’s it, I can start typing mails to friends and customers even without network connectivity, without manually maintaining an own address book just for mutt!

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