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Mutt upgrade

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I use Frugalware's mutt-ng package for e-mail, which is mutt-devel + a more-or-less small patchset, maintained by voroskoi. Given that he was quite inactive recently, I poked him regularly to update the package (+ the patches, of course) to 1.5.18. I just noticed today that he did so about a month ago. :-)

Two changes I noticed so far are: 1) when you open a large folder, not only the current/total value is printed for processed mails, but the percentage as well, and 2) the sidebar shows again the number of flagged mails, which feature disappeared IIRC after we switched from "mutt-ng as a fork" to "mutt-ng is mutt-devel + patches".

Snip. I bumped our kernel to and it seems now I have to update the kernel config even for a new -stable release, which is quite annoying. :-/

Snip. This evening I got some time to work on this darcs-git stuff again and I tagged darcs-fast-export 0.5 + pushed an initial darcs-fast-import.

Of course it does not support incremental import, it does not import tags yet and such, but it works! ;-)

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