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new in git-1.5.6: git cvsexportcommit -W

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git-1.5.6 will be released soon (probably in a few weeks) and there are some interesting news in it.

one of them is the new git cvsimport -W switch which makes it easy to do bi-directional changes between git and cvs.

to set up your local repo:

$ CVSROOT=$URL cvs co module
$ cd module
$ git cvsimport

this will do a fresh checkout of the cvs module and will import it to git. you will have two interesting git branch: origin is the "reference" one, you should not touch it, and you can work in master.

you can commit to master, etc.

then there are two tricky operations:

first, you may want to commit back your local commits.

to do this:

$ for i in $(git rev-list --reverse origin..master)
        git cvsexportcommit -W -c -p -u $i

second, you may want to fetch upstream changes and rebase your local changes on top of them:

$ git cvsimport -i
$ git rebase origin

that's all.

cookies goes to Dscho in commit d775734. :)

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