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nokia free space trick

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I hit this issue a few times, but now I took the time to Google it out. So when I download lots of music to my Nokia 3110c phone, I keeps restarting because the Nokia version of OOM killer terminates the music indexer process. Given that it's a vital process (I don't know the proper term for this), the phone is restarted. It does this sequence about 5 times, then it just switches off.

The trick is to delay indexing, if it does so a bit later after the phone boot is already done, it can succeed properly. The hack is to limit the internal memory free space, that will trigger this delay:

Now Keep ur free Phone memory space [Not the memory card's free space] between 470kb - 499kb

The style is horrible, but the info is useful, after setting free space like this, it can really handled large amount of music fine. ;)

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