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non-public scm for free software

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i find it really interesting that some people think that the scm for free software doesn't matter that much. just think about the "open"suse buildscripts, where the svn (in which they are tracked) is closed, or about "free"bsd, where the perforce repos (where _real_ development happens) is not checkoutable anonymously.

and no, i'm not rms who says you must use a free scm to develop free software, i just think a public access to it would be nice.

of course there are other projects like archlinux as well (no anonsvn), but i didn't wanted to start with it, since this post is not (just) about distro war..

ah and yes, the best of these is Debian where many maintainer use just a single huge generated diff and the real scm where they develop such diffs isn't public, either.

(finally a bad example is Ubuntu where the whole webapp behind the distro where all the bzr code and bugs are stored is closed source as well.)

so at the end it'll turn out that we're more free, without having any "open" or "free" in our name, without having a frugalware-legal@ and such? ;)


the blacklist seem to grow.

see gentoo, where the releng repo isn't public, either.

an other funny fact is that they refuse to give security support for the kernel, the base of your system..

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