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Old bc bug

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We had this old #3331 bug, and it turns out that Fedora had an s390 patch that fixed it. Of course the patch name is misleading since it fixed something on x86 as well, so it was the last thing I thought to try... :-)

I got a reply reply to my libbtctl patch I sent back in last year:

On Sat, 2008-12-27 at 18:32 +0100, Miklos Vajna wrote: > Hi, > > I recently tried to build libbtctl with mono-2.0 and the build fails > because the .pub signatures are no longer supported. > > A similar commit in evolution-sharp's svn: > > > > Here is a patch to do the same for libbtctl: > > > > Of course you can generate your own new key with 'sn -k 1024 > libbtctl.snk' if you don't want to take the one I use right now.

Because the patch wasn't in bugzilla, I missed it for the last ever release of libbtctl.

Use bugzilla in the future.


Needless to say, there is no libbtctl component in the GNOME bugzilla.

Yay for bureaucracy!

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