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pacman-g2 -Qt bug

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BMH still feeds me with info, he just found a -Qt bug - fortunately the fix was rather trivial.

The nontrivial stuff is that he wants callbacks in the Python bindings and it seems that won't be easy. The reason is that - it seems, I don't have a working implementation yet - we'll need the traditional 'void *data' extra parameters in each callback to support that, since we need to store the Python context pointer somewhere.

Of course first I want to have the whole thing working, before breaking the API with no good reason.

The whole idea is based on this post. The provided examples work fine, at least.

Snip. Dscho mailed me today with a project list about what could I do in Git - the two items are a major merge-recursive rework, the other is about packv4. I could learn a lot with both, my interest is in this order. But that's not yet in coding status, we're just discussing the details ATM.

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