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I wanted to create some calendar present for Christmas in the family with pictures and Hungarian year / month order, national holidays, etc.

After looking at a few solutions, pcal seemed to be the best choice.

There are 3 key points here:

  • The order of the year / month can be changed only in build-time. If your locale has "year month" and not "month year" order, then you need this patch.

  • You need some config for each locale, here is mine, containing the Hungarian national holidays.

  • Finally you need a script like this to put in the pictures.

The result fully localized, free software, contains my custom images and support custom marks for days using a quite flexible syntax.

(Let me know if you know some other project where you can set the year/month order runtime and the result can be still generated from a script, ie. it’s not some LibreOffice or similar template. ;) )

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