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playing with a ppc box

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many of you asked, so it's better if i describe it here.

i recently started working on ppc packages, without any kind of big announcement. that was on purpose. i don't have too much time for this (so surely i won't maintain - at least not manually - a full ppc port with security fixes, etc), but i'm interested at least getting a working toolchain, so that anybody who has such a machine and time can easily help.

so no, this will not be in 0.9, we didn't plan anything like that.

maybe for 1.0, we'll see :)

ah, as a side not, it was interesting today, i met (unintentionally) one of the Hungarian summer of code guys. i previously collected such a list, and i was surprised about i did not know about him. so i asked to type "", and search for "summer of code" to see if he is really missing from the list. actually he was not missing. but the funny fact was that - as usually - i was prepared to be forced to spell "frugalware", but this was not the case this time, he typed the word properly without asking. heh, we're getting known! :]

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