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playing with compiz fusion

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Priyank recently removed Beryl from -current and added Compiz Fusion. so i did a base install then i followed the instructions in xgl's README.Frugalware. a few impressions:


  • i have an i810 card, not nvidia, or anything extra, it's a cheap one. the only effect that was slow for me is when i marked the cube 100% transparent. but all the other effect were really fast.
  • compiz initially worked fine only with gnome. i'm a kde fan so i tried compiz with kde and it worked fine. i think this is something new
  • thanks to aiglx, i did not have to - in fact - start xgl, no editing in kdm.conf or anything, just xorg.conf


  • i have 4 virtual desktops like:
    1 | 2
    3 | 4

    compiz translates this to: a simple paper with two side and on each size there is another side on top of the other one. so it says it's not a cube. how crappy

  • i can't select to hide windows from other virtual desktops from the taskbar. a basic feature @ kde

conclusion? it's really nice, well done - but for daily work of course i won't enable it :)

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