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Playing with openjdk on ppc

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So we just got a Java task at the uni and I wanted to see what can I do on Frugalware-ppc about it, in case I build openjdk from hg.

The result is quite surprising, it works very well.

My only big problem is that it has a totally different build number, currently they are at 1.6.0b14, while the binary version is at '6 update 13', and till the source versioning schema does not match the binary one, I would not use it in a production environment.

It also seems that packaging this would take a hell of time (and even after it's done, maintaining it would be time-consuming as well), so in case they would publish prebuilt binaries, I could live with that. I just found some bin tarballs on the archlinuxppc ftp site - mailed them about them (if they just mirror it or where is the build script), but no response so far.

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