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Preparing Frugalware 1.0rc1

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Usually there are 1-2 nasty bugs in each release - after all that's the only eason I push for having at least a pre-release every 2 months.

So today's one was a nasty double free bug in xconfig, so after the install there were no xorg.conf. The fix is now in git, so it should be over, but I was a bit disappointed, as so far Priyank's file descriptor / memory leak fixes were all carefully tested, however this one was obviously bogus, so probably it was not tested at all. OK, hopefully such stuff won't really happen again.

Snip. In VIM, I wanted to do a "Pj" 1000 times. 1000Pj will do "1000P and [one] j", so that's not the right way. qaPjq1000@a will do it: qafooq records foo to the "a" macro, then 1000@a calls it 1000 times. Good to know. ;-)

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