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read-only s/mime support in mutt

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So my problem was that I already set up PGP, and I use it for sending / receiving signed (and sometimes crypted) messages. Today I received an S/MIME signed message and I had to verify it.

First mutt just bailed out with "Can't verify S/MIME signature", but that was because S/MIME was not configured. Here is what I did:

cd ~/.mutt
cp /usr/share/doc/mutt-ng/samples/smime.rc .
# edit muttrc to source it

I thought that will be enough, but that was too aggressive.

First, it disabled my PGP support. I had to put 'unset smime_is_default' to the top of smime.rc.

Second, it tried to verify the whole damn cert chain, which is simply something I can't really care, as the cert is a self-signed cert anyway. To do this, I had to uncomment the last two lines in smime.rc (set smime_verify_command/smime_verify_opaque_command).

So far it works just like I wanted it! :)

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