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Recent hacks, upgrade

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  • ooo-build: two fixes for the configure script (perl, rsync)
  • the irssi script that renames facebook "u$bigint" nicks to real names based on whois info stripped chars with accents. a oneliner patch makes it possible not to drop chars with accents, just convert them to ascii.
  • The dazuko m8r merged my Linux-2.6.33 patch. \o/

The rest of this entry is not about programming in fact - I upgraded a machine at work from Frugalware-1.1 to 1.2 and I though it may worth noting a few interesting facts:

  • The attitude of this bug is like the famous glibc one. In short: kde3 supported having the same wallpaper on two screens by automatically splitting it up - now looks like kde4 does not. I ended up splitting the wall up using GIMP as well. :P
  • kookaa is not really ported yet to kde4 so I needed to switch to kolourpaint.
  • While upgrading cups, I hit this bug as well. (Notice how Ubuntu calls bugs "answers". ;) )

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