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Positions in RTF font tables

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Tonight I worked on fdo#39337, and while the writerfilter-based RTF import filter almost handled the document in question correctly, the fonts were not correct.

It turned out that this was caused by the fact that RTF’s font table (a table where each row has an ID and it contains the font name, charset and other properties) does not require continuous ID’s (for example positions 0, 2, 3 are allowed, even if 1 is not set), but dmapper (the glue layer between the RTF tokenizer and the Writer UNO API) does.

I already sent the position of the entry to dmapper, but the position turned out to be ignored, so now I fixed the RTF tokenizer to send continuous ID’s.

A related improvement is that I just discovered the writerfilter::TagLogger::unoPropertySet() method, which can dump the properties of an UNO object, and now I’ve enabled dumping of shape properties, which can help a lot when something goes wrong there.

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