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rtorrent with dht support

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dht support means support for trackerless torrents

currently rtorrent does not support it, but after a bit googling, i've found this ticket. it mentions that there is a patch here. so i've split up the patch for libtorrent and rtorrent and uploaded these packages to my bmf repo.

you need to add two extra lines to your ~/.rtorrent.rc:

dht = auto
dht_port = 6986

of course the port can be anything else.

during testing, i had one "server" - where i had the test file already - and one "client" - where i had only the torrent.

i opened one port for torrent communication and one port for the dht server on the server, of course no ports were open on the client. and yes, it did work fine! :)


let's hope the patch will be included in the vanilla rtorrent soon!

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