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Scripts used in the Python 2.7 rebuild

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First, I could almost reuse the same set of scripts as described here. The only change I needed to do is that aborting the build loop after each fail is a waste of time, so now I did:

for i in $(cat ~/test.list)
        echo $i
        cd ~/git/python27/source/*/$i || continue
        sudo makepkg -t python27,current -C
        git clean -x -d -f
        git checkout -f
        sed -i 's|python>=2.6|python>=2.7|g' FrugalBuild
        if bumppkg -t python27,current --rebuild "- rebuilt with python-2.7"; then
                repoman -t python27 -k push
                echo $i >> ~/failed.list

Then investigated the failed builds manually.

Oh, and obviously I no longer had to build the x86_64/ppc fpms manually, I just enabled syncpkgd for the python27 WIP repo.

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