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setup progress

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  • grubconfig now uses os-prober to detect other operating systems, this means for example the boot parameters of an other existing installation are detected, or the proper title is set if you have a Microsoft installation
  • kernel bumped to 2.6.17
  • parted is now available - you can resize your fat/ext3 partitions on the fly from the setup
  • ssh is available on the setupcd
  • on tty5 there is a small nice tetris in case the installation would be boring - thanks slin for this :)
atm i've tested the 20060619 images with a simple base-only installation

ah, and if we're at it (just because it's a frequently asked question):

  • i've installed base to a 500mb-sized partition (no, not bigger!)
  • booting up the system took 20 secs

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