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Successful qemu-ppc install with frugalware-current

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Tonight I synced the 2.6.28 kernel on PPC, enabled the Realtek driver needed by Qemu and tried again: the whole installation procedure goes fine.

Of course (it couldn’t be true ;) ) the boot after the install fails, which is interesting - if boot from CD works fine, I don’t see why can’t it work from a HDD, but oh well.

I just saw a recent commit in Qemu SVN about fixing qemu-system-ppc -kernel, so I’ll give it a try later.

Ah, and the speed is really promising. I did the installation on my laptop, not on a fast machine, and a base install really completed not so slow. ;)

Update: After upgrading to svn6463, it boots with:

qemu-system-ppc -kernel boot/vmlinux-2.6.28-fw1-ppc -append "ro root=/dev/hda3" -hda ~/documents/qemu/hda.img


Update 2: Up to date install/run ppc scripts here.

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