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OTRS plugin for Supybot

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OTRS is quite different to Bugzilla (what we use for upstream LibreOffice development for quite some time). On the plus side, e.g. it has strong support for multiple customers. OTOH, it deals with tickets instead of bugs, and sadly it doesn’t have a single identifier for tickets. It has a ticket number (which by default even includes the date), which is searchable, and it has a ticket ID, which is used for URL’s.

In case of Bugzilla, you can easily lookup "bug#12345" in Firefox. Create a bookmark with the following properties:

and then you can just copy&paste bug#12345 to Firefox, replace the # with a space, and Firefox will do the right thing.

Unfortunately (due to the above detailed reasons), this is not possible with OTRS. So I decided to write a Supybot plugin that can notice "bug#12345" on an IRC channel, and give you the clickable URL (after finding out the ticket ID from the ticket number).

The result is available on GitHub, it looks like this:

09:58 < vmiklos> bug#1000068
09:58 < supybot> https://localhost/otrs/;TicketID=73

Given that I found no relevant hits when searching for supybot otrs, I hope this code may be useful for others as well.

Thanks to James Scott for his YouTube plugin that helped to quickly figure out the relevant Supybot API’s.

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