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Systemd: kernel, bluetooth, bitlbee

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  • Finally I can run systemd on my desktop, and not in a virtual machine only, since there is a patch for the sched/cgroup issue I had. It was not a systemd bug, but systemd triggered a kernel issue, which was hidden so far.

  • I just updated our bluez package, and bus activation works fine. This means bluetoothd is not started till somebody connects to it. Given that I sometimes do not log in to KDE to use kbluetooth, but just want to do something on the console, where having bluetoothd running is totally unnecessary, I consider this really nice.

  • It came up on #bitlbee that there is a Fedora bug where they ask for systemd unit files for BitlBee. So I created a patch, and the nice thing is that the second iteration now seems to be fine for Frugalware/Fedora/Debian, so we managed to build something cross-distro here. (I think I mentioned that’s the #1 feature I like in systemd.)

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