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ten goals we reached in 2006

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we're always working on something, sometimes it worth to have a look round and see what we've reached. so here is my list, probably incomplete :)

1) syncpkgd

2) -stable support. if you want to have a secure server you no longer have to use -current

3) OOo for x86_64, also split the language packs

4) many-many packages. really. sometimes i need a package and i'm impressed it's already in fst :)

5) in connection with the big number of packages: dynamic cds/dvds based on dependencies. i remember when we had to move something to extra just becase the second cd was too big

6) rewritten the setup in C. do you remember the sloooow installer written in sh? :)

7) Xorg 7.0. so many hours of sucking when: 7.1) do a clean install 7.2) add the xorg7 repo and -Syu 7.3) write down the occurred errors 7.4) fix them 7.5) rm -rf / 7.6) goto 7.1 :)

8) pacman-g2. pacman without a lib? brr :)

9) getting rid of hotplug in favour of udev. maybe you remember how slow it was, it took at least 10-12 secs on my pc :)

10) fw-xgl-control: enabling and disabling it for a normal user without reading tons of docs, breaking your system, etc :)

(yes. the list is unsorted )

could you imagine living without these? :)

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