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Upgrading to Haven

Estimated read time: 1 minutes

I just upgraded my box at work to Haven, here is a short post to mention two links:

  • ATM you need to manually upgrade nvidia-173xx if you have it installed (after -Syu) due to lack of xorg-server-1.8 support.
  • I needed this xorg config tweak to get my up arrow working again.

Other than that, I removed my xorg.conf and instead I put this to the xorg.conf.d dir. I also added "nouveau.modeset=0" to /boot/grub/menu.lst.

What else.. ah yes, I needed to change the keyboard model to evdev in the KDE System Settings.

Other than that, it went fine. :)

Update: the nvidia-173xx part is now fixed in both current and stable.

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