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I earlier wrote about I was experimenting with PowerShell, so I had to install Windows in a virtual machine. It's not a big problem, we at the uni get a license to use it for free till the end of our studies (or something like that), so I started to search for what emulator should I use.

Of course my favorite is qemu, but till I don't have kvm-enabled hw and kvm support isn't fully merged from kvm, it's slow.

Given that I had to use some other emulator, I thought I gave vmware a try, they offer a 30-day trial and I wanted to see what's new in their recent versions - I think I last tried it about 2 years ago. It seems the automagic gui screwed up something and there is no more, so I gave it up.

Last, I tried Virtualbox. Man, it's fast! Of course it's bloated as well (external kernel module, guest addons, etc) - but if I forget about these issues, it really gaves me the same experience vmware gave me when I last tried it. Impressive.

As a side note, git-1.6.2 is out, sadly I haven't got much time for it - only 5 patches of mine are in the changelog. But at least now the pdf version of the user manual is supported out of the box.

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