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Working on merge_trees_simple()

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I just pushed out these four commits. Basically they let a libgit user use the functionality which was hardwired to git-merge-tree till now. The idea is from Dscho, so I hope the patches will be welcomed. ;-)

(I did not sent out any patches for now, since my ls-files parseopt patch isn't in yet, either.)

Ah and we talked about (in case I'll be home during the summer) if I should re-apply for git in GSoC. Basically I don't want to do it, but I'm very happy that my ex-mentor even recommends me not doing so. Here are his lines:

> About reapplying for Git... I would _love_ to have you again, since I know > you will get stuff done, and in a very nice way. > > There is always a but. > > But. Realistically, I think that you learnt so many things in the GSoC > project last year, that you do not really have all that much left which > you could learn in the Git community. You really just would be a work > horse. > > There are other projects out there who do fantastic and exciting things, > and have completely different personal (and political!) environments. > > So while the Git community member says "keep him!", the mentor in me says > "let him go!" albeit with half a sad eye. > > Therefore I am strong and point you to; I > even met some of the guys at the mentor summit, and they are all pretty > cool.

These lines made me happy, really. :-)

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