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Plees Tracker is a simple sleep tracker for your Android phone.

The latest version is v7.0.5, released on 2021-01-02. See the release notes.


This is meant to be a very simple open source clone of PrimeNap, i.e. just track sleep start/stop times and count the average / day.


  • It literally does nothing while you sleep, causes no battery drain.

  • Stores past sleeps, counts stat from them:

    • average of sleep durations

    • daily average: in case you sleep multiple times a day or you sometimes skip a whole day

  • Exports/imports sleep data to/from CSV (the start and stop columns are UNIX timestamps in milliseconds).

  • Can show past sleeps, can selectively delete individual sleeps.

It looks like this:



Get it on F-Droid:



Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be found in the LICENSE file.