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ctags vs override/SAL_OVERRIDE

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If you use ctags to help your LibreOffice development, there are already good descriptions for that — e.g. for vim there is one on the TDF wiki.

What was problematic is that since C++11, override is a valid keyword after a member function declaration, and we have our SAL_OVERRIDE macro that I added to be able to use it before all our supported compilers recognize it. Unsupported parsers include ctags, so if a member function have SAL_OVERRIDE, ctags only indexed the definition, not the declaration.

I created patches to fix these problems in ctags, the override one is probably interesting for all C++ projects, the SAL_OVERRIDE one is LibreOffice-specific.

The hope is that the later will go away in the long run, so it won’t really be a problem that ctags do not recognize that macro out of the box. :-)

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