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LibreOffice on Android FOSDEM talk

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(via LOfCollabora)

Today is my last day in Brussels where I gave a TextBoxes: complex shapes with complex content and a LibreOffice on Android talk at FOSDEM 2015, in the Open document editors devroom. The devroom was well-crowded, with about 100 users in the rows of the audience — proof pictures above and below. ;-)

(via deneb_alpha)

We also had a Hackfest with about 20 hackers attending, (again) kindly hosted by Betacowork on Monday and Tuesday:

(via floeff)

There were a few topics I hacked on:

  • tdf#88583: a fallout from the Writer fillattributes work introduced in LibreOffice 4.4

  • tdf#68183: a small new feature missing since the RSID GSoC project ended

  • build on HiDPI screens should now no longer fail

  • tdf#88811: an RTF regression fix, so that now the counter is down to zero again

  • we no longer produce invalid ODF output when writing character borders

A full list of achievements is available, if you were at the hackfest and you did not contribute to that section, please write a line about what did you hack on. :-)

Quite some other slides are now available on Planet, don’t miss them. Mines are also uploaded.

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